Product Care


The label believes in the slow fashion of handloom and uses only organically produced textiles manufactured using indigenous practices - hand spun and hand woven - intrinsically bringing into focus India’s textile history as an emblem of human skill and sensitivity towards material resources. 

All goods are already pre-washed so shrinkage should not occur.

Our products are mostly hand-woven in fabrics ranging from homespun linens, cotton, silks and wools. Due to hand crafted nature of our products you may find variations and irregularities in the fabric, which are not necessarily defects but are integral to the characteristics of handloom.

All natural dyed fabrics are prone to bleeding in the first 2-3 washes. Natural dyed fabrics need special care owing to the properties of the dyes. We recommend to wash them separately in cold water specially indigo dyed garments and to dry all the coloured clothes in shade. 

Naturally dyed garments are also prone to fading over time and usage. 

Disclaimer : Indigo and other natural dyes are plant based dyes and are not harmful on any skin type unless you may be specifically allergic to them.